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Hacking an Actions MP4 video player to show server statistics

The MP4 player is a small movie player that was used by real estate agents to advertise properties, typically by posting them to potential clients. I saw it on a friend’s desk at his house and asked about it, not being able to pass up an opportunity. Anything with electronics, screens, and batteries will always grab my attention. He had already removed it from its housing / box so I’ve got no idea what it originally looked like. Read the rest of this entry »

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Triton 9610 ATM Teardown

A few years ago I got a Triton 9610 single cassette ATM of craigslist as something to play with. While I did take a look at it and started to reverse engineer it, over time I lost interest and it became a potplant stand. I finally decided to get rid of it and I thought I’d rip it to bits and take a bunch of photos during the process.
A nice potplant standIMG_9643_small
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GPS Logger V – Full hardware

Having determined the battery and power requirements, a full schematic of the GPS logger was made. Buck regulators and Li-Ion battery chargers were investigated from a variety of manufacturers. The TC105 3.3V Buck regulator and the MCP73863 4.2V Li-Ion battery charger, both from Microchip, were chosen to provide the power needs for the project. The circuit is capable of detecting if a USB port is a Charging Port and adjusting the battery charge current to suit.

GPS Logger Schematic implementing battery charging and USB Charger Port Detection

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