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GPS Logger VIII – What happened?

So over two years ago I set out to build a GPS Logger to take hiking and traveling. Everything was assembled and it was good to go (almost) and hasn’t moved from that state. Driving around Australia for 2 years and then taking off around the world has a way of putting a cramp in finishing projects.
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GPS Logger V – Full hardware

Having determined the battery and power requirements, a full schematic of the GPS logger was made. Buck regulators and Li-Ion battery chargers were investigated from a variety of manufacturers. The TC105 3.3V Buck regulator and the MCP73863 4.2V Li-Ion battery charger, both from Microchip, were chosen to provide the power needs for the project. The circuit is capable of detecting if a USB port is a Charging Port and adjusting the battery charge current to suit.

GPS Logger Schematic implementing battery charging and USB Charger Port Detection

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