Dragonfly Ordainment

For my girlfriend’s birthday the other week I made her a dragonfly ordainment.
Here’s how I built it.

Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials

Tools include:

  • Wire cutters
  • Angle pliers
  • Long nose pliers
  • Soldering Iron
  • Butane torch and gas
  • 3rd hand grippers


  • Copper wire of various diameters
  • Glass glue – This turned out to be crap. Ended up going with a 2-part epoxy which worked a treat.
  • A browse of the local bead shop yielded some items that worked a treat for the body and wings.




dragonfly_07 dragonfly_11 dragonfly_12 dragonfly_14 dragonfly_19 dragonfly_20 dragonfly_24 dragonfly_28 dragonfly_29 dragonfly_31 dragonfly_33 dragonfly_38 dragonfly_42 dragonfly_44 dragonfly_48 dragonfly_50 dragonfly_51

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