Nada Labs is a dumping ground for the various things that take my interest, from reverse engineering, to craft and everything in between. Partly as notes for me for future reference, partly to help out anyone who happens to find them.

About Nathan (nada)

I’ve got a shiny bit of paper that says I’m a Mechatronics Engineer, which lives with my parents. I’ve got wide and varied interests, mainly focused on electronics, firmware and embedded systems. I’m quite DIY and a bit crafty.

In the way of jobs, I’m currently designing and testing the electronics for wearable computers as used by SCUBA divers. In the past I’ve:

  • Designed and Implemented GUI software, including
    • Graphical sign configuration applications.
    • Lotto number generation software.
    • 3D Rendering applications for displaying linked jackpot totals.
  • Developed communications protocols over Ethernet, USB, RS232 and RS485.
  • Written a USB device stack from the ground up.
  • Designed and built embedded systems based on various microcontrollers.
  • Administered various networks and deployed SBS2003/2008 servers
  • Written embedded applications for PIC, ARM and Linux.
  • Build a FPGA based PI current controller for driving stepper and 3-phase brushless motors.
  • Programmed PLCs and implemented SCADA mimics.
  • Written a TDD framework for embedded C systems.

I also brew beer, hike, tinker with vehicles and cook. I know my way around a welder and generally like to enjoy life.

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